Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rainbow Animals

Another productive day! Today I made a couple of card sets that I really liked. I've posted them on Etsy, but I almost want to keep them for myself, either one would make a fantastic gift for someone. This one I think is my favorite, until I look at the other one anyway.

The animals are a retired Stampin Up set called "Pun Fun". I stamped them without the text along the bottom of the stamp and then colored them in by hand. Each animal got mounted with foam tape to a color block and then to a blank white background with just a touch of embossing. I opted not to attach the sentiments just yet, and leave it up to the receiver what the sentiment would say (I made up "Thank You", "Congratulations!" and "Happy Birthday!" ones in each color). The sentiments work equally well on the outside (matching or not matching the animal) or on the inside.

I saw this concept somewhere and thought it was great! I like having cards around that I can pull out for any occasion, and even better, when I get stuck I can just give the whole set as a gift!

This guy is my favorite of the six.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Etsy shop!

Today was another day of crazed card making, well at least for a few hours... I ended up with a few new cards, and took photos of a few I made earlier.

I'm starting to amass quite a collection, which is funny because I rarely send cards! I am sending a few to friends and family, but most of these I just made because I like to make things and they looked pretty. So I opened an Etsy shop! Hopefully I can sell some cards, make some more room (the box I keep them in is over flowing) and maybe subsidize my addiction while I'm at it.

Here's some photos of my newer creations.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hello world!

Hi there! I'm not new to blogging (check out my other blog Silly Safety Girl too), but I figured my crafty adventures deserved their own blog. Here I'm hoping to post photos, tutorials and reviews from some of my favourite crafts.

For now, here's some of the cards I made recently! This first one was for my brother in law, and I'll be making it again as a tutorial soon (I have all the bits I just need to take pictures and make it!

Loved these stamps and didn't know what to do with them until I saw this online.

Just some simple odds and ends.

I fell in love with this technique and have used it over and over again.

Another set of Christmas cards, a little early still, but you can never be too prepared!

I love making little cards like this, super easy to make and handy to have around!