Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A few new ones

I've been totally swamped with a new job and getting my life in a semblance of order around that. But I still had some time to make some new cards! I got a huge shipment of new stamps, so I just HAD to play with them, and here's some of the results.

This first one was from a set of doggie stamps. My mom is always looking for dog themed cards, so I'll probably make her a set like this. This one is just a mini-card that can't be mailed on it's own, but they make a great insert to a bouquet of flowers or a gift basket (maybe for a new puppy?).

Another set of coordinating mini-cards. Just a quick test of a new (to me) set and some bows I found on sale at Walmart.

This next one is a birthday card for a dear friend who's obsessed with pink. She doesn't know about my blog yet, so I can post it now even though she hasn't gotten it yet. I might post some photos of her whole present, it's super fun!

I made this one for an owl obsessed friend, but I might just keep it for myself, he's so cute!

I also made some more of the square cards I featured below. I'm thinking of offering a workshop and/or kit to make these, they are SO simple, easy and cheap to make. Each card costs less than a dollar to make once you know where to get the materials and how to put all the different techniques together. It's also a great way to showcase a particular stamp, texture or technique!

But by far my favourite recent card project was making cards with some little friends of mine. I think they turned out great, what do you think?

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