Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Simple sketches

I finally got a chance to bust out some of my new stamp sets! I sat down and within a couple hours I'd made three cards with them. I cheated a little and multitasked during a meeting at work, making some sketches in my notes. The same sketch ended up with these two cards, both for friends who are expecting girls...

I love this concept, so I'll probably be using it again. I actually have some boxes left over from other projects that would fit a set of these beautifully. It's also something that's easy and you can use a variety of different techniques, so I'm thinking it would be a great workshop card or set!

I also made this card, which is a concept I had in my head from the minute I saw the stamp set. It's been modified a bit from the original concept I had in mind, mostly because on different days I have different tastes! The inside says "peace love happiness" (I suppose the outside does too, just in a different language!). I think I know who's getting this one too, but I now have two cards for them for the same reason, so I might just put this one for sale after all.

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