Sunday, August 5, 2012

More craft show goodies

I've been tucking away still at making things for the craft show! I don't know what I'm going to do once I'm done though, hopefully by then I'll have a job...

Anyway, remember those piles of post it holders I took photos of a while back? It's probably the post before this one... Well most of those are decorated now, and they're SO CUTE! There's about 50 all together I think, and each of them is different. Whew!

There's also about 50 mini post it keychains (once they're all done there will be closer to 100). There's some doubles here though, there just isn't enough space on these little cuties to do something totally different for each one. There's still some nice variety though!

Last but not least, bookmarks! I saw this idea on Pinterest (where else?) and loved it, so I made a few. And a few turned into a lot... But they're super cheap to make (and sell) so they should go well at the show!

My next big project is going to be packaging everything and getting things put away in totes until November! I have a few sets of gift tags to make too... like 100?

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