Friday, August 24, 2012

More new cards

I've been working up a storm in between shifts at work, making lots and lots and LOTS of cards. I made some cute baby cards (16 cards out of 4 sheets of patterned paper!). There's four basic designs, but each one is totally different. These are the girl ones, I don't have any boy paper yet, so I'll share those once I make them. I'm also working on some coordinating thank you cards.

Also in the works were these card sets. I used the one sheet wonder pattern from Joyfully Made Designs to start and then built each card up with layers of coloured card stock, embossed card stock, jewels, ribbon, pearls and of course, stamping. Each set is totally different and each card is unique as well.

Whew... this is getting to be a long and picture heavy post! I have some more stuff to share though! There was some individual cards as well...

As you can tell I've been on quite the butterfly kick. I've been making sets of embellishments for the craft show, as well as some cards similar to one I made for a friend not long ago. These are still waiting for sentiments, but I'll share them anyway! The quality isn't quite as good as I took these on my phone. You can see how the different layers of the layered butterfly punch from EK Tools come out though.

Purely by accident, I came up with this neat card too. I like it because there's a ton of space to write inside, but it still fits into a normal sized envelope! Perfect for that 'not quite a card but not quite a letter' occasion. It's all tied together with some bakers twine. I'll be making some more of these, planned this time, because I liked it so much. It could also easily hold a couple of photos along with some more embellishment on the inside, but I decided to leave this one blank for a love letter!

And last but not least, my attempt at making a mini-album. This was way too finicky for me, so I probably won't make any more. Maybe if I find an easier pattern? For now the plan is to hold onto it until I find something better to do with it... More bakers twine here too, I'm starting to like the stuff!

That's all for today! I'll post more hopefully next week when I have some time off to get back to crafting. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Could you post the recipe for the one card wonder cards. I just love those and need to mass produce cards. Thanks