Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Card Buffet!

So today was my first card buffet! We had so much fun! I ended up with 24 different cards for people to pick from...

Set up another room with all the tools and goodies we could possibly want (and everything I forgot was just up the stairs!)...

And then we got our craft on! Anne, Lucy and Lisa all made piles of cards, my mom popped in and made a few too (including her favorite Rudolph), and there were a few other vistors as well. Brownies and mulled apple cider were enjoyed, so all in all a success!

Quote of the day? "It's not worth crying over spilt embossing powder!" Thanks for a great day ladies!

Click here to register for the upcoming card buffets in Campbell River and Mission, and contact me if you want to host your own or have any questions!

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