Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hard at work

Like many, I have a day job. More recently, it's been a night job. I work 12 hour night shifts for two weeks at a time...

Fortunately nights are fairly slow, which leaves lots of time for craft breaks. I brought a carry on sized suitcase full of supplies, including some of the new stuff from the spring catalogue, and took over the lunch room on a few occasions!

Here's some of the cards I created, mostly for friends or for friends to give. I've been getting myself a reputation around the site too, and a few people have put in custom requests, including one for wedding invitations! More on that later...

As you can tell, I love the new Print Poetry stack! I also used some of my retired supplies (couldn't resist the clearance rack) and am continuing my love affair with buttons (the fact that they travel so well helps).

Instead of packing a lot of ink pads, I opted to take my markers along for the flight instead. It's a little more tedious to get the stamps inked, and I'd definitely avoid it for mass production, but makes it easy to use multiple colors on a stamp (like the words "Friend" and "helps" in the two cards above). A simple technique that has a huge impact!

Up next? Valentines! I'm looking forward to some workshops while I'm home, making some kid and mom friendly Valentine's cards with friends.

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