Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Project Life by Stampin' Up! 30-day Challenge

Do you have a ton of photos sitting in shoeboxes or on your hard drive?

Do you not have the time, money, or space to work on elaborate scrapbooks?

Project Life by Stampin' Up! is the perfect solution and from now until September 30, you have a wonderful opportunity to get your photos into albums without any fuss.

What you do...

  • Buy a set of 12x12 page protectors and a card collection from me ($35 including taxes and shipping)
  • Watch the short videos I will be posting every week in September for instructions on how to make your pages
  • Spend 5 minutes a week putting pages together and post at least 4 12x12 pages on my Facebook group
  • Vote by liking and commenting on your favourite pages

What you get...
  • A set of exclusive custom made Project Life cards from me
  • Step by step instructions on the easiest way to document your memories
  • A chance to win fantastic prizes
  • Your photos organized and memories preserved!

You can make any kind of pages you would like, whether it's with old or new photos. Here's some ideas for what you could use to make your pages...
  • Old photos...
    • weddings
    • trips
    • graduations
    • babies
  • New photos...
    • document your summer
    • back to school
    • photo per day

Anything you have photos of you can make your pages with, whether their prints that have been sitting in storage for decades, files that have been stored on your computer for years, or snapshots from your cell phone.

To participate, pick one of the following card collections, and contact me to place your order. You can start any time, and voting closes on September 30.

BONUS: Refer a friend who joins the challenge, and you will also receive a set of journalling pens for free!

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