Thursday, September 11, 2014

Shadow Boxes: Cortez Island

My upline Angela wanted to do a feature on her blog of each of us in her downline. Me being me, I volunteered to go first, and then I was stuck for a project. At the last minute I remembered this personal project I'd been wanting to do for months now, so I pulled out my supplies and got to it.

This photo, and the 'embellishments' are from a camping trip with friends earlier this year. I wanted to commemorate the trip and how happy we were so I made up this shadow box! I will be making more shadow boxes, so stay tuned to see more photos of me in random places.

In the meantime, keep checking Angela's blog every Saturday to meet a new member of the team! You can also join us and be part of the crazy bunch of stampers who make up the West Coast Creators, email me to find out more!

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