Thursday, August 13, 2020

Artist Appreciation Blog Hop

Did you know that August is Artist Appreciation month? Did you know that I actually went to art school? It's true! I completed a diploma in graphic design back in 2008, and have been subtly putting it to use ever since. One of my favourite artists I learned about taking art history was Piet Mondrian. His later works with primary colors and geometric shapes always intrigued me.

So for today's project, I thought I would recreate his style in a card! These works have been recreated countless times, but I'd never tackled them so here's my take...

Ya, I cheated a little and added text and circles, but I can't say no to some bling! Check out everyone else's projects, and leave them some comments as well!

If you'd like to make your own recreation of "Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow" click on any of the shopping list links below.


  1. Beautiful Card Stephanie with perfectly positioned sentiment

  2. Such a cool card! I am enjoying learning so much about different artists as I hop through all of the blogs!

  3. Totally recognized the artist's work and love your design!

  4. Such a cool card and immediately recognisable

  5. What a wonderful project, paper piecing is such fun and love your use of colour here too.xc