Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Winter Holiday Blog Hop

This blog hop is all about the 40+ non-Christmas holidays that are celebrated around the world in the winter months (or summer for the Southern Hemisphere). I chose to make a card for Yalda Night, a celebration of the winter solstice from Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries. You can learn more here: Yalda Night on Wikipedia

First I used the "Cute Fruit" stamp set to create the fruit traditionally eaten during the festival.

I paired this with a sentiment I hand wrote and embossed on vellum. I used vellum because I was able to print the Farsi script for the "Happy Yalda" sentiment and then trace it.

Another detail I'm very fond of is the Cherry Cobbler background. Instead of just using plain cardstock, I broke up the fibres with a bone folder and split the cardstock into two layers with a suede like texture. It adds so much visual and physical texture to a piece I think!

And of course I can't leave a card naked, so I decorated the inside too!

One of the objections I hear occasionally when I share and promote #StampingDiversity is that people don't know anyone who would appreciate a "different" card. Why would I need a Yalda card when I live in a small town in Western Canada? Well, my family doctor is from Iran. Yes I could send her a Christmas card and she would be appreciative and say "Thank you for the card love", but if I can make something more personal and meaningful, why wouldn't I. Who do you have in your life that would appreciate a card you didn't think you needed to make?

Take a look at what everyone else made too! Some great holidays, religious, cultural, and secular, to be celebrated right now!

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  1. This is wonderfully creative and I love the rich colours

  2. Wow. That is a labour intensive card ... that turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Great job!!

  3. love your card Stefanie!!! the gold die cuts just make the card pop really nicely! thanks a lot for sharing..

  4. I LOVE that - I love the card - I love the concept of diversity - and I LOVE your thoughtfulness in honoring other people where THEY are!