Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday gifts

I'm currently in a whirlwind of gift making. A dear friend of mine has her birthday (today actually, her gift will be late, oops!) and is having a really rough time with life right now, so I decided to send her a special gift. This is the one with the pink butterfly card, and everything is going along the pink theme here!

This little box was a great idea I found on Pinterest and modified for the supplies I had on hand and could find at the dollar store.

Inside is a variety of small objects and a poem:

Your hope chest…
A star to remind you to keep shining
paperclip to help you hold it all together
eraser to fix all your mistakes
lock to keep all your secrets safe
penny so that you’re never broke
elastic to help you stretch beyond your limitss
A bottle of
glitter for when life’s in need of a little more bling
bandaid for when you fall and scrape yourself
marble for the day you’re sure you’ve lost yours
candle so you always have light
And a
mint for when life just stinks.

I also included a frame I had sitting around with a stamped quote in it, a feather boa, some candy and a small notebook. I ended up adding a friendship bracelet I made while sitting in front of the TV too.

I made another box for a different friend, I'll post photos of that when I'm done with it!

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