Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Production Line

I've been a crafting machine this last little while. I just keep churning out cute things in preparation for the Craft Show (which is happening November 24 & 25 for the locals, be there or be square!). This is one of my many totes of 'stuff' that I haul around when I'm crafting.

I've actually organized it a bit better since I took the photo, but you can see finished products and materials for several projects here. Cards, notebooks, pens, two sizes of sticky note holders... and I think there's some paper clips buried in there too. My table is just as bad...

This is my sticky note holder layout. I have my work area on the far left, my first cutter with paper odds and ends on it, the put together but not yet decorated holders, and then the decorated holders on cutter number two. I use two cutters because one has a better ruler on it (the other one makes it hard to cut 1/4" sections) but the other one has a score blade. I also use the little trimmer up at the top right of the photo a lot.

Here's a photo of one of the decorated holders, as well as one of the stack of them just because I think it looks pretty!

The little flowers on there I made with an old Creative Memories punch. They're so cute, I used them on some notebooks too (and speaking of notebooks, check out some of the new ones!)

I also used them on these little bits. These are all going to be turned into sticky note holders for the smaller size. They'll actually be keychains when I'm all done with them (which will be never if Staples doesn't get a shipment of the rings in). The raindeer and santa from Spoon Graphics have made another appearance here too!

Last but not least, I've been making embellishments. I actually punched out so many flowers in the past day that my finger is numb and tingly (yes both at the same time, don't ask how that's possible). But everything is turning out so cute and pretty! I'm super excited about all of these things and what people can do with them!

Well that's it for now! I'm keeping up a fairly good pace making things, so I'm hoping to keep up the blog post pace too!

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