Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome Melissa!

I just wanted to make a quick blog post to introduce you to one of the amazing women in my life. Melissa was a client when I first started my first business years and years and a few children ago. We've stayed friends through many moves, life events big and small, and now she's joined me in my passion for paper crafting!

Melissa signed up to be an independent demonstrator with Stampin Up to get a discount on stamps, ink and other supplies so she can craft with her kids. 20% off goes a long way when you have six mouths to feed and twelve hands to keep busy!

If you're interested at all in becoming a demonstrator, whether you're just looking for a great deal on crafting supplies, or want to try your hand at leading some workshops and making some money, give me a shout and we can get you started! Here's a quick run down of the details:

  • Your starter kit is $125, which you don't pay taxes or shipping on, and you get to pick $155 worth of product of your choice!
  • You will get 20% off all your orders, with the potential for more depending on how much you spend.
  • You will get access to a huge network of demonstrators all over the world, training from Stampin Up on everything from crafting techniques to making sales, and an inspirational magazine just for demonstrators (you can see a preview here).
  • There's NO obligation to sell or buy anything, you will get your 20% discount until at least March 31, 2013. If you purchase more than $400 worth of product before then, you'll extend your discount for another quarter.
  • Until December 16, you will also get a set of ink pads for free! You can pick from the Regals, Subtles or Brights collection, each with ten pads, worth $64.95.
  • If you choose to make Stampin Up a business, you will have the full support of myself, other demonstrators on our team and Stampin Up to make your business a success in whatever goals you set for yourself.
  • If you choose to just get a discount and keep stamping as a hobby, you will still have the same perks and access to a fabulous network of women (and men) all over the world for inspiration and ideas.
  • There's never any penalty to quit being a demonstrator. If you decide it's not for you, you simply stop ordering.
If you're interested, drop me a line and we'll make it happen!

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