Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Top 10 Basics: Stamps

Stamp sets are where you can really let loose and go crazy. There is a stamp or set for just about any occasion or person, from greetings to images to patterns and shapes. I’m actually not going to talk about the actual stamp images, you can check those out on my online store or a catalogue (contact me if you’d like one). Instead, I’m going to talk about the two different types of stamps available.

First off is the traditional wood mount stamps. These are what you probably used as a kid, a wooden block with a rubber image to stamp on one side and an image on the other to show you what the stamp is. They’re easy for kids to use, require nothing but a stamp and ink, but they are slightly more expensive. Some stamps are only available in this style (for example the Simply Serif Mini Alphabet and most background stamps).

The other style is called clear mount. These are the same rubber as is on the wood mount stamps, but instead of a wooden block, they’re backed by a foam. You push this foam onto a clear block to stamp. Clear blocks are available in many sizes, which one you need depends on the size of your stamp. The stamp sets themselves are a little cheaper and easier to store (they come in a DVD case) but can be a little finicky, especially for small hands.

There's also a new style, only available in two sets (for now) called photopolymer. You can read more about this style (and watch a video with some examples) here.

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