Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fabulous lighting: Stampin Royalty Challenge #225

I needed some cards for some overachievers in my life, so I drew some inspirations from a few places. I came up with the concept of using the Hexagon Hive framelit after Angela's Diva Night (see the last post for more about that). I filled in the empty spaces with pieces from the other cards, then sewed my sentiment on over top. The colours are from the Stampin' Royalty Challenge, a combination I would have never thought of myself, but it works!

Here's my "fabulous" cards!

 Of course I decorated the inside as well...

I used my new rotary attachment for my paper trimmer to get the great little scallops around the edges. I loved my trimmer before, but the rotary attachment is by far the greatest cutter I've ever used, and I love the easy swappable blades!

Last but not least, I wanted to share my new photo set up! As some of you know I used to be a photographer, so taking good photos for my blog has always been a priority. My previous set up meant I always had to wait for daylight because I was using natural light, but I finally built myself a photo box! Here's a look at my set up...

I bought the LED strip lights at Costco, and used a cube of my Ikea Expedit shelf (which holds all my craft stuff already) to create a useable, and practical, light box for photographing my projects. I'm so glad I finally got this checked off my list! I still need to improve the backdrop slightly, but for now this is perfect!

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  1. I love your set up!! I would not have thought to use light strands for it! I have been trying to think of a way I could do a set up in my basement where my craft room is... this may be an idea. I don't have the same kind of shelves as you but now that you put that idea in my head I am going to definitely see what I can do with that!! Pinning this so I don't forget!! :) thank you stefanie!