Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not just cards

Since I've started seriously paper crafting, I've made mostly cards. I've always been crafty, but not necessarily domestic, and it seems to be a hobby dominated by wives and mothers, of which I am neither.

However, I do have a  few tricks up my sleeve. For example, oatmeal. I'm a HUGE fan of easy food, if I can follow directions on a box and use a microwave, I'm pretty much set. This is balanced out by wanting to be healthier as I get older. Enter Pinterest...

I found this great recipe for instant oatmeal (not from a package) on Pinterest and have been using it to make my own easy quick breakfasts. Up until now I've just been keeping it in the left over bags from the ingredients I buy in bulk (for crazy cheap, which I also like). But I found these jars at Ikea, and decided they needed to be spruced up a bit.

Just some scraps of paper, ribbon, and twine and I had my tags made up! Maple & Brown Sugar and Apple Cinnamon ready to go whenever I want it!

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