Friday, August 8, 2014

West Coast Creator Blog Hop: Big Shot

So I love blog hops. I participate in one already and decided to start another! This one is all about the group I belong to, the West Coast Creators. It consists of my upline Angela, my downlines Lisa & Devyn, and my sidelines Sarah and Shanda. You can check out all of their blogs by clicking along the "previous" and "next" routes at the end of this post.

We decided to feature the Big Shot this month because there's some great deals to be had with it! Everyone who buys one this month gets to pick a bundle (worth ~$40-60 depending on the one you pick) for absolutely FREE! You can also get all of these bundles at a discount if you already have a Big Shot.

Anyway, back on track. I showed you this card (or one very very similar to it) a few days ago for the Watercooler Challenge. I decided to make it again, and then show you how I used the Big Shot to mix it up. Check back in a couple days to find out how I made the cool flower on the stepped up version.

Which version do you prefer?

So check out the next stops on the hop, see everyone else's projects, and contact your demonstrator to order your Big Shot (or bundles) today!


You can take a look at the video below too for more information, or download the promotion brochure here.

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